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Types Of Shapewear For Women

by - March 22, 2022

Shapewear: Tap Tap! May I come in?
Woman’s Wardrobe: Sorry who are you?
Shapewear: Woah woah you don’t know me? Never heard of me? Never have you ever seen me before anywhere?
What are you – size zero or saint?

Well yes the conversation just seems funny but it could be true with many women out there! Many of you might have heard of it, would have seen it but might not really know it’s purpose or use and would have thought you never need a Shapewear in your life!! You might be wrong with your prejudice and here we are coming up with a complete Shapewear 101 guide just for you lovelies :)
Read ahead, wear it, flaunt it <3

Types Of Shapewear For Women

What Is A Shapewear?
A shapewear is a type of innerwear that gives you a smoothened outlook hiding the extra flab and sagging in your body! If you have seen Hollywood movies you might have seen those ladies wear corsets which would be tightened with some lace threads to fit it perfectly with their body – Shapewear is the evolution baby of these corsets :D
A shapewear can give you that sculpted silhouette boosting your self-confidence and helping you wear any outfit without worrying about your body shape or that extra bloated belly ;)

Types Of Shapewear For Women

Also shapewears come in all sizes and shapes – you could easily choose your size :)
Types Of Shapewear
So yeah that’s ok but how do I pick one that fits my needs and most importantly fits me?
Here is our ultimate guide to help you out in choosing a Shapewear as per your needs! Honestly one is not enough and you will know that once you know ;)
Bodysuits are shapewear that focus on the abdomen, buttocks, love handles (waistline) and\or thighs – overall your abs and lower body!
If you are a bottom heavy person and would love to get a sculpted look around your abs and butt then these are for you. They come with straps that hold them together with your upper body and provide you the right support. These also come with or without legs which means you can choose if you would love to use a shapewear for your thighs or not!

Bodycon Shapewear
Image Source: Amazon

You can find some interesting Bodysuits HERE
Outfits that could be worn on top of a Bodysuit: Bodycon dresses, Salwar suits, A-Line dresses & any outfit that needs a smoothened look around your belly and waist
Shaping Bottomwear
Shaping bottomwear are the ones which focus on your lower abdomen, thighs and back. If you have hefty thighs or flabby buttocks then this is your go to shapewear solution! They come as simple as a shapewear panty and also one with sleeves for leg – choose your pick & flaunt flaunt flaunt ;)

Shapewear for women

If you aren’t much of a fan of such whole suits you can start with a shapewear brief that would just sculpt your buttocks and lower abdomen and gradually advance to a Bodysuit or bottom shapewear depending on your body type :)

Shapewear Briefs For Women

Outfits that could be worn on top of a Shaping Bottomwear: Dresses, Salwar suits, Skinny jeans\jeggings

Find some amazing ones Here & Here
Shapewear Camisoles & Slips
Shapewear Camisoles & Slips look just like your regular cami but come with pads or underwires to sculpt your breasts and give you that beautiful and se*y look while you wear a bodycon dress or saree!
They’re the simple and easiest solution both for busty women and ones with small breasts as they work both ways to sculpt your twinsies :)

Shapewear Camisole

This one I highly recommend (Click on the link)
Outfits that could be worn on top of a Shapewear Camisoles & Slips: Dresses, Fitted tops, T-shirts, Blouses
Mermaid Skirt\Saree Shapewear
These are the most trending shapewear in India these days because they serve the purpose for every woman who would love to flaunt her sarees without looking flabby or chubby!
Yes the saree shapewear as they call it is similar to a skirt, a replacement for your regular inskirt and fits perfectly on your body giving a mermaid kind of sculpt to your lower body – this way it just makes your outfit look fab and celebrity like ;)
These come in different lengths to fit your height.

Saree Shapewear

Find some interesting Saree Shapewear HERE
Outfits that could be worn on top of a Saree Shapewear: Sarees (obviously!), Lehengas, Skirts
Waist Cinchers
Waist Cinchers are the corsets of modern era – they look more like corsets without upper body support but with lots of hooks around to tighten or loosen the fit. These focus on the midsection of your body highly helping in making your waistline look cinched & lean! These are a great choice for special occasions as using them for longer time gets uncomfortable.
Waist Cinchers For Women

Want to buy one? Find out more!!
So these are all the shapewear available in the market and our ultimate guide to help you choose one for yourself :) Would you like to know more about Shapewears, how exactly to choose one and wear one, how good or bad they are? Do drop in your comments below and I would love to do more such fun fashion posts :))

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